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Staurolite is a hard brown to black mine mineral with a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Texan Minerals & Chemicals staurolite is marketed under trademark name STAR-O-RIGHT. Texan Minerals & Chemicals is importing staurolite from European alluvial sources.


Texan Minerals & Chemicals has become the fastest growing wholesaler of staurolite in the nation because of not just the quantity of staurolite we sell wholesale, but because of the quality of the abrasive material. STAR-O-RIGHT is of the highest quality and it is CARB certified. STAR-O-RIGHT abrasive is a low chloride, low conductivity, and low free silica. STAR-O-RIGHT gives 2-2.2 mil impression and generates less dust, faster blasting and more efficient cleaning for all our clients.


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We are here to provide the highest quality product to industrial and oil and gas clients.

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