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Our Story

Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC (formerly named Texan Stone LLC) was founded in 2006 with the goal to provide wholesale companies in the oil and gas and the industrial business with the finest quality materials, like guar gum, friction reducers, xanthan gum, polymers, shale chemicals, abrasive minerals, and granite.

We are a Houston-based company specializes in the international wholesale supply chain of importing and exporting industrial products. Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC imports more than 30 million pounds of abrasive materials per year, making us the fastest growing garnet and staurolite wholesaler in the nation. 

Our founder, Mani Palani, comes from more than three decades in the stone quarrying business and has taken on the vision his father had of pursuing the international business. Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC started in Houston, and has grown to various operations in India, Ukraine, China, and Middle East.

Mani Palani


Mani Palani is the President and Founder of Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC. He began the company in 2006 and has built it into one of the top supply chain companies of various global commodities. Palani is a firm believer in diversity and relying on meritorious multi-ethnic workforce.


Mr. Palani has more than 20 years of complex engineering experience, including energy supply and efficiency, cost effective renewable energy projects, and sustainability.


While searching for competitive solutions in addressing the critical needs of energy security and sustainable product, Mr. Palani developed a global marketing and supply chain strategy tackling complex import and export process covering a broad range of issues, such as recycling, legal mining of raw product, rare earth minerals, and advanced technology products and solutions.

Mr. Palani is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and earned his engineering education at Indian Institute of Technology and Institution of Engineers in India. He also attended a PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. Mr. Palani has also made numerous contributions to several publications pertaining to energy efficiency, ventilation, and renewable energy.

Aleksandr (Alex) Adelman


Aleksandr (Alex) Adelman is advising Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC from 2016 as Consultant for East Europe, Shale Chemicals and Minerals. In addition, he is involved in expanding and maintaining business relationships with major customers and suppliers in Eastern Europe.


Mr. Adelman has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in professional and management positions. He was an Exploration Geophysicist with ExxonMobil and Strategic Business Development Manager (Aluminum Tubular Products) for Weatherford International. He is an active member of Society of Petroleum Engineers who has co-authored and presented several SPE industry articles.


Mr. Adelman has also contributed to the publication of the two-volume book Advanced Drilling Solutions-Lessons from FSU published by PennWell, and Positive Displacement Motors - Theory and Applications published by SigmaQuadrant.


He has worked on exploration, drilling and production projects for a number of National Oil Companies and many major E&P companies on all six continents, with focus on eastern Europe (Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine) and the Americas (Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico).


Mr. Adelman earned his BS degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and participated in a PhD Program at Florida State University.


A team of Chemical Engineers led by Kaustubh K. Avanish is a post graduate chemical engineer specializing in process control. Konstantin is specialized in industrial chemicals.


Texan Minerals & Chemicals is About Teamwork

At Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC, we are about working together insync with each importer, each client, and each other. By following the leadership of Mani Palani, we have finely tuned our methodologies and business practices to best serve our clientele.


Each department keeps a constant line of communication open with each other so that we are always attentive to the various moving parts of our operation and accountable to the needs of our clients.


Attention to every detail ensures our accountability and achievement of excellence, which has been the mainstay of our business. By working together and pushing each other to always strive for excellence has made us one of the nation’s top exporters of materials in the markets of industry.

A Powerful Industrial-Focused Supply Chain

Our global supply chain enables us to provide the most time and cost efficient processes for our local, regional and national clients. From receiving shipments from our importers to exporting product to our clients, our shipping and delivery systems have been perfected to make certain all parties are more than satisfied with their service and products.


Each shipment is meticulously packaged for safety, security and the maintenance of every product and mineral. Our industrial and oil and gas clients have come to expect excellence in everything they receive from Texan Minerals and Chemicals LLC.

For All Inquiries

We are here to provide the highest quality product to industrial and oil and gas clients.

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