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Garnet is a natural mineral collected from the alluvial soil sources such as river or beach deposits and gathered in a sustainable manner or mined from rock deposits. The hardness and other chemical properties of garnet sand makes it a superior candidate in abrasive blast cleaning, water jet cutting and for water filtration. It is also used in fracking applications. Garnet is widely used globally, although only a handful of major companies produce and distribute nearly 90% of the garnet used in industrial applications. Texan Minerals & Chemicals is one of the largest importer of India Beach and River Garnet.

No fines in Texan Beach Alluvial Garnet 30-60 and it is dust free compared to China hard rock (soft garnet with high CaO and lower hardness) or slags.

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We are here to provide the highest quality product to industrial and oil and gas clients.

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