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Guar Gum


Guar gum is an agricultural product affected by weather, farming practices and economic conditions. The majority of guar farming and processing takes place in north and northwestern India and in Pakistan. Texan Minerals & Chemicals has a field office in India. Along with the breadth and size of our network, our experienced associates interact with the farming community on a regular basis.


We import directly from reputed guar gum fast hydrating powder manufacturers with stringent product requirements. The original COA includes hydration viscosity testing method and its results. Furthermore, the polymer is selected for lower slurry viscosity.

Ready Guar Powder in Jumbo bags pickup at our warehouse. Texan can also deliver guar in slurry form and powder in pneumatic trailers at jobsite.



For All Inquiries

We are here to provide the highest quality product to industrial and oil and gas clients.

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